Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adventure in Jewelry Deals

As every girl knows, shopping for jewelry is an adventure.  There is so much out there from fun costume jewelry to expensive fine jewels and you can find them in the most unlikely places like a thrift store or estate sale to the usual suspects of department stores and, of course, jewelry stores.  Let's not forget online stores.  With Groupon I've explored three adventures in jewelry and it's been fantastic.

#1 Whats-in-Store is a Nashville-based fashion company I found advertised in Bakersfield, CA of all places.  Before I purchased the deal I fell in love with so many pieces.  I'm so glad fun, playful and bold jewelry is in style and in a big way, at that.  Too bad I was limited to one voucher, but I made the most of it.  And this deal is on again (1/26 to 1/27 9pm PST) so you'll be able to enjoy it as well.  What I also liked, in addition to the selection and my purchase, was that I got it so quick!  Within a week, not bad at all.  I'd order from them again, and I think I will...soon. 

#2 came up shortly after I received my above order.  This time I could get two vouchers and I did!  Actually, it was receiving the 1st order from STL and the nightmare of venturing to the stores on Black Friday which prompted me to write today.  Though the order took a while to receive and some of the pieces I wanted had sold out (they were overwhelmed with the response from Groupon customers) the customer services was SPECTACULAR!!  Now I'm a stickler for good customer service, almost an oxymoron today, and I got to hand it to the folks at STL.  The gal I worked with went well above and beyond for me, that alone sold me on their company.  Not to mention I'm loving what I ordered. I placed another one, actually just before I got the one in the mail.  Can't wait to get it and hope it'll arrive in time to get under then tree.  Guess what? It's back today, 2/2 until 9pm PST so you can enjoy this deal, too!! 

#3  Jewelmint, I must say, was one of the most unique deals I've seen.  I've haven't redeemed it yet, but what peaked my interest was this "Take the Jewelmint Style Quiz to determine your fashion preferences...Based on your quiz score, five jewelry pieces will be displayed in a private virtual showroom."  How cool is that!  A new concept in jewelry indeed.  But then again, I'm a sucker for surveys and quizzes.  This really seems to be a site for fashionistas or girls who just like pretty sparklies like me.  Get your deal today, by midnight 11/29 Central time.
I've always been a fan of shopping online, not being the type to scour shelved and spend hours browsing.  Guess you can say I'm more of a buyer than a shopper. And with several companies offering free shipping and returns with "No Hassle" service, it makes it even easier to enjoy receiving that special package in the mail. 

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